How do I know if I qualify for reclaiming money?

If you can answer yes to one or more of the following you may qualify for reclaiming money.

  • I was self-employed, unemployed, redundant or retired when I took out PPI
    If any of the above circumstances applied to you or if you were never asked about your employment status at all, you may qualify to make a claim.
  • I wasn't asked about past medical problems
    If you were not asked about your medical history or informed about how this could affect your policy cover, you may qualify to claim back money.
  • I was sold a ‘single premium’ loan policy
    A single premium policy is where the total cost of the insurance is added to your loan at the start of your agreement and you repay the cost of the insurance over the term of the loan. If you had one of these polices and left or changed the agreement part way through, you may be eligible for a part refund.
  • My provider has already been fined for mis-selling
    If you know your provider has been fined for mis-selling cover, you are very likely to have a case. Contact us to confirm whether or not your provider has been fined.
  • I wasn't told about other alternatives to a Single Premium PPI
    If you were not told about alternative options for PPI you may have a case.
  • I wasn't given full details of the insurance
    This covers anything from being told the insurance was compulsory, to not knowing you had even purchased PPI when you took out your loan or credit card.
  • My provider assumed I wanted PPI and automatically included it in my loan
    If you were not told about PPI when taking out the loan and either discovered it on recently reviewing your loan agreement or even discovered it just after signing all documentation and felt it was too late, you may be able to make a claim.

This isn't an exhaustive list, there may be other reasons for being mis-sold PPI. Please contact us online and we will assess your case.