Stake Your Claim is a company entirely dedicated to helping people claim money back on mis-sold PPI. So, if you’ve taken out a loan, credit card or mortgage, and feel you may be entitled to reclaiming, we’re here to help you reclaim what you’ve paid.

To enable us to provide this excellent service to you, we need to take some details from you, to complete the following pages it would help if you had the following to hand;

  • The original Lender name and original account number for each account you would like to look into reclaim for.
  • Do you have any original agreements or proof that you had PPI on any of these accounts?
  • Are any of these overdrafts/bank accounts/student loans/payday loans as these do not have PPI on them? If yes please do not include these accounts.
  • Are any of these accounts closed and have been closed for more than 6 years? If yes we cannot look at these claims unless you have any proof of PPI on them.
  • Yes - As you have the proof for all these accounts please make a copy and when we send you a claims pack please ensure you put these copies in the envelope to send back to us.
  • No - As you do not have proof for all/some of these accounts we will need to obtain your original agreements from your lender to find out if you had PPI on these accounts.